Frequently Asked Qestions

We realize that uniquely talented people have unique questions. Please don’t hesitate to send yours to us.

Still there are some standard questions we get more often than others. Please find their answers below.

Work Environment

Q: What will my colleagues be like?
A: Very knowledgeable and intelligent people with a great sense of humor and a willingness to support you throughout your career path.

Q: What is the atmosphere in the company like?
A: Very friendly, no strict hierarchy, you can simply talk to your boss like you would with an old time friend and ask to borrow his bike ;)

Q: How do I know Bianor will be around in 5 years?
A: We've endured about 20 years in very difficult times, and we plan to stick around for a long while still. We're all about telecommunication software, and in the Information Age, the world needs us more than ever.

Opportunities at Bianor

Q: Are you limited to working in the department where you have started your career in the beginning?
A: It’s that simple - show passion and desire to advance in new technologies and you can progress through departments and projects.

Q: What types of jobs do you offer?
Challenging and rewarding! Check out some of the details in “Available positions” panel on the left.

Q: Will I have time to finish my studies while working?
A: Most of us have been students while working at Bianor, so we believe we have found the right balance between work, studies and personal life.

Q: Will I acquire professional certificates while I am at Bianor?
A: Yes, certificates, which will benefit your work at the company, as well as your professional path.

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