Hiring Process

We know that every company has a different approach in the hiring process. In order to help you feel comfortable and show your best, we have provided three simple steps that you should expect:

1. Submission of resumes

After you choose the most appropriate position, we would expect you to submit your resume in the style described here. Your goal is to grab our attention with specific achievements and experience. Don’t forget to submit your cover letter as well. Important: Clichés are no good, by now you should’ve realized that we are not an ordinary company.

At this point, we're trying to find the best match for the vacant position by documents review.

2. Interviewing the shortlisted candidates

After selecting the most appropriate candidates, it's time to have a good face to face conversation with our Chief Dream Team Officer. During this stage, we're evaluating how well you would fit Bianor’s culture and goals.

During the second stage you will meet the direct manager responsible for the department you are applying for and also you might be asked to fill in some professional questionnaires and/or tests.You may also be asked to demonstrate some “piece of code” you have been working on in order to discuss your technical approach and “handwriting”. Don’t worry, if you’ve done your ‘homework’ you will get it right!

We promise to be discrete and will of course take into consideration your availability for the personal appointments.

3. Making the offer

If after the interview sessions our team members approve a candidate an offer will be sent and discussed. Details about starting date, contract, etc will be cleared during this stage.

In addition we may ask for references from previous employers.

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