iPhone Developer - Position in Sofia

Bianor is a recognized authority on mobile and video solutions and is dedicated to helping businesses take full advantage of technology. The company provides consulting services and delivers solutions to clients around the Globe. Bianor earned its expertise through 14 years of worldwide project execution, ranging from Telecom-grade back-end services to enterprise and consumer mobile applications. The company employs over 60 highly skilled staff in its New York and Sofia offices.

Currently we are willing to increase our engineering team with a couple of software engineers who will be involved in developing new features/functionalists for iMediaShare: (imediashare.tv), a product, known as the world’s leader in multimedia sharing via iOS and Android mobile devices!

To be successful in this position you need to:

  • possess substantial software development experience, including at least 2 years with Objective C and Cocoa and C programming (preferably on UNIX/Linux)
  • have good understanding of network programming (client-server programming, TCP/IP, HTTP)
  • Feel comfortable using: XML and JSON
  • be fluent in English

We will consider it as a big advantage if you could convince us that you are: enthusiastic about cool new technologies, cooperative, fast learner, problem solver, focused on UX experience

We would be more than happy to have you on our team!

Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

This is our inspiration – creating visionary technologies and far-sighted experiences. The result is technology solutions that free people to access information, work and collaborate efficiently wherever they are, whenever they need to.

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