I’ve always been enchanted by the magic of technology...

Seeing how an idea gets transformed into a real product and affects the lives of people is really exciting! It's nothing less than magic!

We have the rare chance to work with some of the most far-sighted companies worldwide, helping together millions of people to communicate freely with friends, families and colleagues regardless of time and distance constraints.


We spend most of our conscious life working in an office. In order to take full advantage of every day my job has to be challenging and interesting Frankly, what I find at Bianor are demanding tasks, working with cutting edge technologies, variety of projects and a great team that always supports me.

Three things drive my personal motivation at Bianor - the team, the quality products we build, and last but not least, the trust our customers have in us.


Dream team – two simple words that seem to sum it all up. Actually creating the dream team is a very demanding and exciting task! Deeper meaning hides behind these two words: wonderful characters, fabulous professionals, winning attitudes, an endless stream of energy!

It is about who you work with and how you help the whole team unleash their potential and exceed goals!


The unique combination of friendly environment, interesting projects and modern technologies make me eager to get back to work every morning.

Imagine having an important meeting with your boss about company strategy and plans, and later in the evening having a beer and a friendly chat with him… :)


I’ve worked for many different companies and it was Bianor where I found the job I really love. I don’t feel the work day fly by because I enjoy every minute of it.

Bianor is like a living creature, one that constantly changes and evolves. I become more enthusiastic with each step forward, since I feel that personal contribution is highly valued and I play an important role in the whole process.

In the IT field creativity is one of the most important qualities. Creativity plus people’s sense of humor makes Bianor an extremely pleasant company to work for.

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