Tips & Tricks

How to prepare your RESUME

Submitting a resume – general information

In order to promote yourself in the greatest possible way and to help us determine where you might best fit within our organization, please consider the following tips while preparing your resume:

  • Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML or even plain text formats are acceptable, it is the structure and the content that matters.
  • All resumes and related materials should be submitted in English.
  • Only send essential personal information and be sure to include your name, email and phone in the resume.

Educational background

Your resume should accurately reflect your academic achievements and accomplishments.

  • Your resume should show all post-secondary institutions attended and degrees earned, information about elementary and secondary school is not as necessary.
  • Provide a brief description of any important projects you completed as part of your studies.

Your work experience

You may be a graduate, or have substantial work experience, either way, we want to know what skills you've acquired along the way. We will look closely at the work experience section of your resume, so the information you provide here will be very important to us.

  • List your experience and projects completed, accomplishments and position held with each employer.
  • We will highly appreciate all important details on your specific accomplishments and the impact your efforts had on your company.

Additional information

We deem talent and intelligence, passion and creativity of very high value. The background of our co-workers varies from former scientific researchers to fanatic gamers and photographers. Share with us what makes you a unique personality!

  • Include the names and contact information of 2-3 references. These can include faculty advisors, co-workers, managers, or others who can talk knowledgeably about your skills and abilities. We don't need copies of any written references you already have.
  • Be sure to mention any awards you've received, articles you've published, certificates you’ve earned or conference presentations you've given.
  • Make sure your resume is up-to-date, including your contact information. Proofread for typos and errors - more than once!
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