Our values

We hate useless abstract value statements :) That's why we need a whole page for this section - to list the actionable down-to-earth things we value and the ones we don't.

Before taking the next step in becoming part of our team, please read this page. If you recognize yourself below then we are confident that you will get the chance to truly experience our environment and show your best. And vice versa!



  • Always strive to give our best
  • Love to make things better and better
  • Strive to learn and grow
  • Love to win and celebrate success


  • Stay curious and open-minded
  • Discover and apply smart ideas
  • Use our life experiences as source of inspiration
  • Create an optimistic, energizing, friendly and fun environment

Customer Focus

  • Inspire our customers and exceed their expectations
  • Focus on the needs and experience of the product’s end user
  • Establish win-win relationships with our customers


  • Work together to achieve our common goals
  • Keep our integrity, promises and commitments
  • Respect ourselves and the people we work with
  • Appreciate our teammates’ contribution
  • Value and protect our reputation
  • Support our teammates’ growth and success


  • Pursue smart and simple solutions
  • Communicate candidly regardless of the hierarchy
  • Deal with people and issues directly and avoid hidden agendas


  • Work in a structured and analytical way
  • Prioritize our efforts to maximize results
  • Don’t engage in activities and processes that add no value
  • Learn from our mistakes and don’t repeat them
  • Reward people based on achieved results
  • Don’t hesitate to act on under-performance


  • Take responsibility rather than make excuses
  • Don’t let go until it works
  • Have the courage to face issues and make tough decisions
  • Don’t hesitate to introduce change if we see a growth opportunity
  • Know there’s a lot we don’t know
  • Don’t compromise on our values
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