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Custom Video Streaming Platforms

Custom Video Streaming Platforms

If you look for patented technology, already in use by millions of viewers, Bianor offers fully customizable video streaming platform, streaming video content from mobile to TV and providing the following market differentiators:

  • the solution saves battery life of your hand-held device
  • supports great number of TV sets
  • ease of use and connection

Bianor provides constantly improved by market trends video platform, fully customizable with 24/7 customer support.

Platform Features:

  • Latest streaming technology (with ABR)
  • Live streaming
  • Video & audio processing
  • Content discovery with state of the art recommendation engine
  • Personalized search results
  • Secure content protection
  • Multiple monetization possibilities
  • Geo blocking
  • Analytics features
  • Age restrictions
  • EPG
  • Live in-app chat
  • Community channel
  • Subtitles/closed caption
  • Stream from phones, tablets
  • User authentication
  • Customizable user interface


Professional services from experts with years of experience


Important part of the process


Senior experts with long experience


Unique designers and UI experts


Professional consultancy when the project is live