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Engineering services & consultancy

Engineering services & consultancy

Bianor has niche expert teams, delivering custom video solutions for both corporations and startups. We will work along with your teams to make sure we fully understand your business needs, before we start suggesting custom technological solutions. At all times we will be fully transparent in our work making sure that nothing important is left behind.

The mission-critical solutions developed form Bianor boast with quality, speed and reliability.

Our development process has proven iterative approach:

  • Planning
  • Analysis & Design
  • UI
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Integration & Delivery
  • Training & Support

Bianor’s Quality Assurance (QA) teams work alongside engineering teams for the duration of the project to ensure: full control of the product creation process, continuous end-user feedback, software quality, service availability and scalability.

Our engineering processes are specifically designed to ensure highest-grade software quality, service availability and scalability that is required by top industry standards.

Bianor’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified, NATO AQAP 2110 certified, NATO AQAP 2210 certified.


Professional services from experts with years of experience


Important part of the process


Senior experts with long experience


Unique designers and UI experts


Professional consultancy when the project is live