Bianor's mobile consultancy and engineering services empower businesses to take full advantage of the mobile opportunity.

We collaborate with you for the success of your mobile initiatives, helping you refine your mobile strategy, design the right applications and perform the technical execution.

Our clients inspire customers, engage audiences, empower employees and improve the bottom line with the help of applications and services brought to life by our 10 years of mobile expertise, engineering background and relentless focus on end-user experience.


Our consultants work with you to better understand your target audience, their mobile needs and usage patterns with the objective to come up with application and service concepts that will unlock new revenue streams and improve business efficiency.

Questions are answered, product business impact is forecast and mobile initiatives prioritized by collecting and analyzing quantitative data for your business, customers, market and competitors.


Bianor's design services ensure the ideal approach, technology and flawless user experience for any mobile product. We align your applications and services with your strategic objectives to lay down a stable and scalable foundation for technical execution.

Solution design concepts are proofed through usage scenario analysis, user interviews, storyboards, product mock-ups, user-interface sketches and technical architecture proof-of-concepts. This ensures you are building a feasible product that will make a real difference to your business.


We pride ourselves in our engineering DNA and our capability to create robust solutions on time and within budget.

Products are evolved from inception to completion, iterating over multiple engineering phases, each consisting of planning, design, implementation, testing and delivery. This iterative approach enables full control of the product creation process and incorporation of end-user feedback since the early stages of the project lifecycle.

Our engineering processes are specifically designed to ensure telecom-grade software quality, service availability and scalability that is required by some of our telecommunications industry clients. Bianor’s quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified, NATO AQAP 2110 certified, NATO AQAP 2210 certified.

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