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Video and Audio Workflow System for Library of Congress


TITLE: Video and Audio Workflow System for Library of Congress


It’s all about video and audio data, and the US Library of Congress hosts over 1.1 million movie, television, and video items. With a collection ranging from motion pictures made in the 1890s to today's TV programs, the Library holds an unparalleled record of American and international creativity. Over 110 years of history is represented in every possible audio and video format, covering a wide range of subjects and genres in considerable depth and breadth.


Bianor was responsible for the creation of a video and audio workflow system from ingestion to public access to the entire audio-visual catalog.


The solution is processing enormous amounts of video and audio data - 5 Petabytes of materials annually.


Audio Processing

Video Processing

Metadata Ingestion

Metadata Processing

Metadata Indexing

Metadata Normalization