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Video and mobile consultancy

Video and mobile consultancy

Founded in 1998, Bianor is a globally-recognized leader in building custom video solutions.

We have delivered multiple highly successful projects for government agencies and blue-chip clients such as US Library of Congress, Maximus, Maersk, SAP, IBM, Telekom Austria Group, NATO, Samsung, Procter&Gamble, Raritan, Philips, RedHat and more.

Products are evolved from inception to completion, iterating over multiple engineering phases, each consisting of planning, design, implementation, testing and delivery. This iterative approach enables full control of the product creation process and incorporation of end-user feedback since the early stages of the project lifecycle.

Solution design concepts are proofed through usage scenario analysis, user interviews, storyboards, product mock-ups, user-interface sketches and technical architecture proof-of-concepts. This ensures you are building a feasible product that will make a real difference to your business.

Bianor empowers businesses to take full advantage of video space opportunities - from streaming and processing through protection and discovery to analytics and monetization.


Professional services from experts with years of experience


Important part of the process


Senior experts with long experience


Unique designers and UI experts


Professional consultancy when the project is live