Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke


Creating visionary technologies and far-sighted experiences. The result is bespoke solutions that empower millions of people around the globe to interact visually, engage, collaborate and enjoy hassle-free video content tailored to their needs. Our solutions – state-of-the-art utilization of the latest technologies, created with a “one-step-ahead” approach.


The best technology surprises, inspires, and enchants its users.


We are driven to apply best in class video technology to create rewarding experiences and empower businesses and consumers.


We set our standards high and then strive to exceed them. We create elegant solutions that redefine video streaming.

Who we are

For about 21 years, we have been designing and developing unique software solutions for leading technology, media, and telecommunication companies.

Bianor employs highly skilled staff in its New York and Sofia offices. The company is NATO AQAP 2110 & 2210 and ISO 9001:2015 certified and has twice been awarded the Innovative Enterprise of the Year Award and the LISA Top Product Award, among other industry recognitions.

Quality Management System & Certifications

NATO AQAP 2110 & 2210 Certified

NATO Facility Security Clearance

ISO 9001:2015 Certified by Intertek

IT Mark Certified

Agile/SCRUM experienced

Bianor’s Company Values

  • We love what we do, while we do it, the way we do it.
  • We engage in activities and processes that add meaning and value.
  • It’s all about the people we work with, so we empower and inspire them to go the extra mile.
  • We communicate in an open and honest manner regardless of the hierarchy.
  • We embrace changes when we see growth and learning opportunities.
  • We strive for win-win relationships with our customers, peers, and partners.
  • We seek solutions rather than make excuses.
  • We encourage out of the box thinking and love to employ clever ideas and elegant solutions.
  • We admire and pursue cutting-edge technologies while we are always mindful of how and when to use the “sharpest blade”.
  • We value our company’s culture with its open door policy, flat structure, friendly and fun environment.
  • We keep our integrity, promises, and commitments.