AT&T - DirecTV

Our team employs a wide array of technological insight to maintain and further develop the software monitoring of AT&T's broadcasting facilities.

AT&T - DirecTV


  • AT&T is the world's largest telecommunications company. As such, it relies on heavy-duty experts to support, maintain and further develop its subsidiary, DirecTV - the leading direct broadcast satellite service provider.


  • Bianor supports (quality assurance and development) the software tools that monitor the quality of the broadcasting services. The tools gather information using specially programmed set top boxes, run reports/charting and trigger alerts if anything wrong is detected. The team consists of 1 Tech lead, 4 Java developers, 4 QA (manual and automation). The technology stack includes embedded programming: Linux, Buildroot, BusyBox, Java, C++; enterprise Java: Spring, Grail (Groovy), GORM, Hibernate, MariaDB, MongoDB.


  • Bianor’s team employs wide array of technology insight including Java Enterprise, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy to maintain and further develop the software monitoring the performance of AT&T's broadcasting facilities.