Professional Growth

Bianor employs a highly skilled staff in its New York and Sofia offices.

At Bianor, we have spent time building our teams of experts and we have a competitive advantage based on deep knowledge in the video streaming industry!

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Latest Jobs at Bianor


Python Web Developer

10 Jul 2019 

Our team works on web projects and products in which Python is heavily used. Now we thrive to expand and bring more work for Python enthusiasts.


02 Jul 2019 

Our team in Sofia designs and implements software solutions for a big broadcast satellite service provider in the USA.

C/C++ Developer

08 Jul 2019 

Be part of a team to expand existing software in order to meet new requirements and improve performances and reliability.

Java Developer

01 Jul 2019 

Software Engineering position in a project for one of the biggest broadcast satellite service providers in the USA.

Java/Groovy Developer

27 Jun 2019 

Software Engineering position in a project for one of the biggest broadcast satellite service providers in the USA.

Trainee Java Developer

25 Jun 2019 

This position is opened in the cooperation with the Labor Office and follows the rules and requirements of the “Youth Employment” procedure.
Hi, get to know us :)


Hi, get to know us :)

We are a team of passionate geeks, who enjoy working and succeeding together in an open and friendly environment.

What drives us is an internal striving to transform our individual passions for technology into cutting-edge software products used by millions of people around the globe.

We get all jazzed about high-performance software designs, mobile gadgets, cool apps, and minimalistic OS set-ups. We brag about our source code and design solutions, and we believe our work speaks louder than our words.

Why become part of our team?

Now, imagine an environment where your achievements get noticed, you speak freely to everyone and you play mini-football with the CEO – this is our reality. Give it a shot; send us your resume.

What will my colleagues be like?
Very knowledgeable and intelligent people with a great sense of humor and a willingness to support you throughout your career path.
What is the atmosphere in the company like?
Very friendly, no strict hierarchy, you can simply talk to your boss like you would an old friend and ask to borrow his bike ;)
Are you limited to working in the department where you started your career?
It’s that simple - show passion and desire to advance in new technologies, and you can progress through departments and projects.
What types of jobs do you offer?
Challenging and rewarding! Check out some details in the “Open positions” panel below.
Will I have time to finish my studies while working?
Most of us have been students while working at Bianor, so we believe we have found the right balance of work, studies, and personal life.