DCIM Dedicated Service Unit

Intershop DCIM is one of the world’s leading data center management solutions. Bianor assisted the off-site team growth, added capacity and Intershop retained complete flexibility.

case study intershopBrief

Intershop, an industry pioneer in online retail since 1992 and the world’s only independent provider of enterprise solutions for omni-channel commerce, required an extension to its engineering team. Bianor was selected as a software engineering company most capable of performing specialist development and testing for Intershop key products.


A dedicated engineering unit within Bianor was set up. A team of experienced Java and QA engineers formed the basis for founding the new unit.


Inteshop solutions successfully serve customers such as HP, BMW, Bosch, Otto, Deutsche Telekom, and Mexx. Growing the team off-site adds capacity while retaining complete flexibility.

OTT Video Streaming Essentials Fact Sheet

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