Telecom Consultancy

Bianor performed a thorough business analysis for the telecom company which was focused on customer care and billing process, optimizing overall costs, and provisioning of more flexible services.

case study vivacomBrief

The main business challenge for Vivacom was to achieve optimum efficiency in a market in the face of strong competition. Together we embarked on a mission to meet that challenge.


A thorough business analysis was initiated and performed, which focused in areas of improvement of customer care and billing process, optimizing overall costs and provision of more flexible services. The technical architecture solutions developed were focused on finding the performance bottlenecks, checking compatibility between legacy & new systems, as well as feasibility studies of new solutions and services.


Vivacom reduced operating costs, improved billing & reporting times, increased security due to a significantly lowered count of manual operations internal business processes efficiency optimization, and launched new VAS & IMS services.

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