IT Solutions Development

Win a competitive advantage by delegating your IT project to experienced software development professionals.

The Power of Experience

Twenty-three years of background in software development positions Bianor among the top IT solutions providers. The company delivers ingenious software solutions to help its customers optimize business processes and achieve greater effectiveness. Bianor has immense know-how in all stages of IT solutions development.

Covering All Stages of IT Solutions Development

Requirements Management

Gathering requirements and producing a comprehensive list of specifications responding to customer demands.

Business & Technical Analyses

Multi-facet (technical, financial, operational) analyses, R&D, and solutions outlines addressing customer resources.

Design & Development

Project architecture building, proof of concept design, and conceptual design and development, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies.


System customization, configuration, and integration.

Testing & QA

System verification and validation, testing, and Quality Assurance according to the industry’s most robust standards.

Deployment & Maintenance

IT solution deployment, staff training, technical support, maintenance, and further solution evolving.

A Wide Range of Customers

Bianor works mainly with customers from the IT, media, and telecom industries. However, the broad team expertise helps Bianor comfortably meet the specific demands of clients from a variety of domains. In addition, the company specializes in delivering life-saving software solutions for mission-critical defense industry projects.

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The Technologies

Bianor develops reliable and well-integrated IT systems that support business processes. The utilization of contemporary software technologies allows fast and easy modification and scalability.

Ι  JavaScript, jQuery, React, React Native, Angular, Vue.js, HTML, CSS

Ι  Java (Spring), NodeJs, Python, C/C++

Ι  Amazon Web Services, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch

Ι  PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, MariаDB

Ι  Jenkins, GitHub, Bitbucket

Ι  Selenium, Cucumber, Robot Framework

The Result

The result is satisfied customers, using bespoke software solutions that optimize their efficiency, bring added value to their business activities and help them exceed their objectives. Bianor’s intelligent IT solutions have proved to be successful both for small startups and established corporations alike.