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Dream team – two simple words that seem to sum it all up. Creating the dream team that delivers exceptional results and helps build the proper company culture is a demanding and exciting task! Deeper meaning hides behind these few words: wonderful characters, fabulous professionals, winning attitudes, an endless stream of energy!

It is about who you work with and how you help the whole team unleash their potential to exceed expectations for the benefit of our customers and team members!

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Margarita is a software development engineer with more than 14 years of experience in product development and service delivery in various business domains.

She has started her career as a software developer, designing and building IT solutions supporting B2B operations. Then she has spent few years in Telecommunications sector implementing OSS/BSS software solutions for Telco service providers worldwide. Now, she is part of Bianor helping developing teams and steer and support new service projects.

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Louis Lewow is VP Sales at Bianor and Chief Executive Officer at LMGI. He has been consulting on marketing and footprint/distribution expansion FITE TV – the leading all combat sports application and tv network, Flipps – the white label app-based OTT platform, and several digital TV networks with diverse programming formats (independent music, classic TV and others).

Louis has more than 10 years of experience in technical sales and consulting in all things IPTV. Including application development, content acquisition, advertising, footprint and distribution, expansion through mobile devices, OTT platforms, STB’s., Android, cable TV, satellite TV, etc

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  • Seasoned operations manager – 20+ years developing technology solutions
  • Previously: VP Operations of Cemtrex; Product Manager at Raritan;VP Operations at ISS;
  • Director of Product Development at Intelligent Digital Systems
  • Several patents and patent applications
  • Education: Technical University of Sofia (MS in Computer Science)

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I’ve worked for many companies, and with Bianor, I found the job I love. I feel the workday fly by because I enjoy every minute.

Bianor is like a living creature, one that constantly changes and evolves. I become more enthusiastic with each step forward since I feel that personal contribution is highly valued, and I play an important role in the process.

In the IT field, creativity is one of the most important qualities. Creativity plus people’s sense of humor make Bianor a pleasant company to work for.

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How, and why, do companies come to Bianor and rely on technological partnership? I have been active participant in building solid business relationship with Bianor’s partners and clients.
13+ years in developing trustworthy partnerships with our clients as Account Manager.
7+ years growing Bianor’s customer base as Sales Manager.
2+ years enhancing the company’s online presence and strategic partnerships as Business Development Officer.
And I’m happy to talk to you about your video streaming project – contact me via info@bianor.com

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