Immersive Viewing Experience

Device agnostic, multi-screen viewing experience with machine-learning powered content discovery.

From Content to Experience

Smart Recommendations

Machine-learning algorithms with personal recommendations based on user behavior and preferences as well as more-like-this videos dynamically allocated by the attributes of the video and similarities in viewers’ behavior.

Personalized Push & Mail Notifications

Enables editors to organize assets in a meaningful way, such as by subject or dynamically by predefined selection criteria. This allows content to be quickly found and easily reached by viewers.

Collections &Topic Browsing

Transaction emails and push notifications based on user behavior and configured state monitoring helps users be at the front of what’s coming next – from newly published on-demand movies, TV series, or news to live now sports events.

Intuitive Search & Auto Complete

Improved search experience: results ordering by multi-factored relevance calculations, auto-complete functionality, channels, video titles, or other meaningful phrases and keywords are automatically displayed, giving the user a rich set of options for precise search.