Scale with Demand

Cloud-enabled ingestion workflow, video processing prowess, and load-balancing deployment let you grow with your audience, real-time.

From Content to Experience

Media Ingest

Captures any source in any format through pre-built plugins to products from Amazon, Microsoft, Aspera, Elemental, Harmonic, Telestream, and more or custom integrations with REST APIs, MRSS, FTP, HTTP pulling or scripting layer.

Content Management

Unifies metadata from various systems and stores into a single source of truth to empower media operations – ingest, search, edit, enrich, organize and schedule media assets and associated images, metadata, packaging, geo-controls

Content Origing

Connects to existing servers to leverage traffic aggregation between different outlets or hosts on our secure and reliable storage for ultra-fast delivery regardless user’s location.

Satelite Downlink

Integrated with leading satellite teleports and partners to establish reliable TV quality live stream distribution to six continents.

Cloud Encoding, Transcoding & Packaging

Supports a broad range of formats incl. adaptive bitrate encoding for optimal delivery to any device, over any network.